Updated: Jan 31, 2017

Ordering a custom-written paper is easy with us. Here is how it works:

Tell us about your assignment. We will do the rest.

Start by creating a new order. Enter assignment criteria on the order page: type of assignment, topic, number of pages and sources, deadline, formatting style. Attach instruction files if needed.

We select the best writer for your assignment.

Our experienced staff will review your instructions and assign you the most suitable writer to work on your paper.


Writer starts working on your paper.

Check the progress of the order from your control panel on our website or ZipStudy mobile app. Communicate with your writer directly without exposing your personal information. Our customer support team is at your service 24/7.

When ready, we will send you the paper by email

Once your assignment is ready you will be able to download it via your control panel. You will receive a plagiarism report on your assignment, free of charge. Our customer satisfaction policy allows you to request unlimited revisions, free of charge, for 20 days since the download date.

Can I choose the writer myself? 

You can, once you've ordered a few papers with us and like a few writers. Choosing a writer based only on his/her own praise or score is usually not a very good idea because writers are often times busy with other projects and won't be able to pay proper amount attention towards your order. However, they will be happy to prioritize your order after having worked with you in the past.


Why not an open bidding system?

Our business is built on over 10 years of writing successful papers for tens of thousands of students from around the world. Our staff monitors each order personally. We know exactly who will do the the best job on a given topic. We also understand tons of technicalities of the process and choose the writers wisely. Sometimes your perfect writer isn't the one who writes perfect papers, but the one who follows your language and your style. Repeat customers usually know their favorite writers by their writerID numbers. You can specify your preferred writerID when ordering your next paper.


Why should I be using your service and not an open bidding system?

The point of using a writing service is to save time to focus on studying. We are here to take on the stress of everything that is related to your paper. Our experienced support staff works 24/7 towards your satisfaction. Plus, why would we ask you pay the same amount of money to do our job?

Here is a screencast showing the order process:


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