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Updated: Mar 16, 2017

What Is Proofreading?

Proofreading is the process of perusing a document in order to find mistakes in grammar, punctuation, word usage, word placement, and other problems that are related to form and not content. People who are trying to fix the actual content of a document, such as the theme of a document or the research behind it, will need to edit the document. Proofreading and proofreading services won't actually change the content of the document. A professional proofreader will simply clean up the document, making sure that the content is presented well.

Proofreading Can Make All the Difference

People who have done a lot of writing before are well aware of the fact that proofreading is truly one of the most important parts of writing. Getting the actual text down first is essential, of course. People usually shouldn't try to do proofreading as they write in the first place, or they're going to end up proofreading large sections of a paper that might end up getting cut anyway. However, once the initial writing process is finished, it's time to get rid of the spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, word choice and word placement mistakes, and other minor mistakes that will detract from the overall quality of a paper.

Proofreading a professional draft once the draft is finished can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Proofreading a resume can mean the difference between getting the job and getting the resume thrown onto a veritable slush pile. For people in school, proofreading can mean the difference between an A grade and a B grade, or possibly a B grade or C grade. Some teachers and professors are particularly harsh on papers that have not been really proofread, and they might deduct enough points for a sloppy paper to go down two letter grades. Even a few typos can make a difference for some educators and professionals, who tend to be very harsh on that sort of thing.

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The Proofreading Process

Of course, people could say that the first phase is writing a paper, to begin with, even though this could be considered a separate process altogether. When people feel that the paper is ready, they can start reading through the paper initially to look for mistakes. Once a mistake is spotted, people can make note of it in a document. After they've gone through and performed this process for the entire document, they can go back and correct the mistakes.

This part of the process is flexible. Some people find that correcting the mistakes at the moment they were spotted makes more sense. However, in some cases, entire sentences are going to need to be reworked. As such, it might make more sense to just note the mistakes as they happen and to go back and correct them after digesting the entire finished paper. Modern text editing software makes it very easy for people to make notes related to the mistakes in the text.

After people have corrected all of the mistakes that they found in their first reading of a paper, they should go back and read it again. Often times, people will spot a few additional mistakes during this reading. People who are particularly prone to typos and similar problems may need to do three readings. If the document in question is a particularly important one, it's going to be that much more essential for people to proofread it several times or get outside assistance.

Proofreading Services

It is notoriously difficult for people to proofread their own work. People have a tendency to miss the mistakes which were made by themselves, even if they're good at spotting other people's typos and mistakes. People who read and stare at the same document over and over again will find it even harder to identify fresh mistakes.

However, a professional proofreader who has a fresh perspective will usually be able to spot those mistakes right away. Professional proofreaders see countless documents like this all the time, and they are able to approach new documents with fewer biases than the people who are reading their own work. ZipStudy proofreading services can make all the difference for the people who are trying to make sure that they've done the best they possibly can on a piece of writing. Place an order now and see how professional your proofreading will be done!

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