Scholarships for International Students in the USA

Updated: Mar 16, 2017
Are you an international student eager to study in the US? College scholarships 2017 can be an essential support towards financing your goals.

Scholarships for International Students in USA

People have a different understanding of the "American dream" of the national ethos. However, we all agree on the most basic and important component - the ability to enhance one's self through a college education. American colleges are among the best in the world, and for the international students attending either of the colleges, it's a dream come true. They enjoy the freedom to work up to 20 hours a week while they study, and can stay and work for extra two years after they complete their studies.

Benefits of Scholarships for International Students

Although a majority of students has a notion that scholarships are meant for the poor, this is not the case. Consider these important benefits before you miss your opportunity:

Scholarship makes you stand out

Pursuing a degree in the United States not only assists students to expand their global scope but also help them stand out to potential employers. A survey done by the council for industry and higher education in the UK indicated that one in six recruiters favor applicants with the overseas degree and 65 percent prefer candidates with international work experience.

A chance to study in high-quality institutions

It's no lie that some of the best institutions are located in America. According to a poll university ranking survey in the world, half of the best universities in the world are located in the USA. These universities include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, and University of Chicago, among others.

Scholarships provide you with financial support

United States colleges are far from free, and this makes it a challenge, especially for an international student who comes from humble backgrounds. Nevertheless, several institutions offer generous scholarships to college students to help them access the American education.

Enjoy the US culture

Beyond the obvious educational benefit, winning a scholarship means access to a cross-cultural experience and exchange of ideas.

Looking for a scholarship for international students in USA? Here is a great list that will help international applicants to learn how to get a scholarship:

List of Scholarships for College Students 2017

Most scholarships for college students are available online, therefore, your chances of winning one might just be one click away. Here are some of the college scholarships 2017 that you can apply for:

1. ScholarshipOwl Scholarship

The scholarship from scholarshipOwl takes a minute to register and awards $1,000 to qualified students. It automates the actual registration process and you'll thus be automatically re-applied each time the scholarship renews.

2. Redfin scholarship

Available for entering and continuing undergrads, Redfin scholarship awards $2,500. To be eligible, you must submit an 800 or less word essay. The essay should be about a proposed and implemented initiative that has kept affordable and accessible housing even with the population growth in the cities.

3. Welcome to 2017 scholarship

Qualified students get up to $5,000 in the Welcome to 2017 Scholarship! Creativity is required as winning is based on a 200 word, short-answer response.

4. UMassOnline scholarship fund

The University of Massachusetts awards $1,000 in its UMassOnline scholarship. The University is dedicated to offering accessible education as well as keeping student fees manageable.

5. Directing Change Student Film

Open for students between 14 and 25 years old, Directing Change Student Film contest has three awards that range between $250 and $500. To be considered, you must submit a 60seconds film on suicide prevention or mental health-related issues.

6. CKSF scholarship competition

Register and participate in scholarship quizzes that will test your knowledge of general topics or specific academic subjects, websites, or even movies! Get up to $2,500 by getting the highest scores that will be based on accuracy and time taken to respond to questions.

7. Asia SivonCottom scholarship

Receive up to $2,000 if you are pursuing engineering, science, technology, or math. To be eligible, you must submit an essay of not less than 300 words on the aftermath effects of September 11 on today's world and what you intend to gain through college and the impact you will bring to the society.

8. World Water Issue Scholarship

Open to entering and continuing college students, the World Water Issue Scholarship awards $1,500. To be considered for the award, you must submit an essay on the problem of water scarcity and possible solutions.

9. F. Armstrong Scholarship (Cornell College)

The F. Armstrong scholarship is available for first-year college students at Cornell College who participate to campus diversity. The scholarship awards up to $16,000.

10. Optimist International Oratorical Contest

This is for a contest is available to students below 19 years old. To be considered for the $2,500 award, you must prepare and present a 4-5 minute speech on the subject, "how my passions impact the world" at your local Optimist club's contest.

The United States is the destination for students seeking to gain from a top notch and widely acknowledged international education. Although finance might be a challenge to a majority of international students, there are numerous easy scholarships programs out there, and all you have to do is apply and wait for your luck. So go online, search, and register to stand a chance of attaining your American college dream!

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