Welcome to the World of Teenpreneurs or Teenagers and Their Startups

Updated: Mar 16, 2017
Today the number of teenage entrepreneurs is constantly growing. What does motivate so young people to create their startups? Let's find out!

Welcome to the World of Teenpreneurs  or Teenagers and Their Startups

It’s not surprising at all that one of the most famous entrepreneurs of San-Francisco, who is already a middle-aged person, is about to end up his next startup. But what is surprising is that this man had no rights to hire people or get a loan in banks. The reason is that he was a teenager.

At the age of 16, Javier Agüera (a Spanish entrepreneur who is now 24) was claimed to be a co-inventor of Geeksphone. By the age of 19, he was already the owner of tree startups. Javier Agüera met a lot of problems as a young entrepreneur. And there is the only reason for that - young age. It’s a real challenge for a 16-year-old boy to create a company.

Teenager and His Startups

Javier Agüera

But Javier Agüera is not the only example. Today the number of teenage entrepreneurs is constantly growing. As Global Entrepreneurship Monitor says today’s entrepreneurs start their businesses at younger age than ever before. What does motivate so young people to create their startups without even a diploma? Don’t they want to get a degree or try themselves as an employee before starting their business? What skills should they possess to be a success in business? Or more: Does education help in becoming a successful entrepreneur? To answer all these questions we conducted a deep research interviewing the teenage entrepreneurs, their parents, coworkers, and partners. We found out that the youngest entrepreneur was at the age of 8 and the oldest - at the age of 19 when they started their own business.


These teenage entrepreneurs faced a whole scope of problems carrying on their businesses. The most common of them were the impossibility of getting loans and signing contracts. One more challenge for young entrepreneurs was the necessity of graduation a high school that is possible in most countries only at the age of 16. Despite all the difficulties, the young entrepreneurs didn’t give up. They act themselves like mature businessmen who always keep looking for opportunities.

Why Are Teenpreneurs so Successful?

The reason for teenpreneurs' success is really simple: they don't want to be the best, they just do what they like! That's why teenpreneurs are open to each other, gladly help their fellows and easily share their experience. As a rule, they are not afraid of risk since they don’t have yet clearly-set goals. If compare with other teenagers teenpreneurs can really manage risk, can focus on the important issues and are not afraid of making decisions. There are several reasons for that. The first one is that all of the young entrepreneurs keep living with their families. They don’t think of how to increase family income and to give bright future to their children; they just generate new ideas and try to implement them as fast as possible. The second reason is that young people see new opportunities almost everywhere and every time. They are not afraid of trying anything new. Young entrepreneurs have no boundaries in their mind. Distance - is not a problem for them. Learning the second, the third language for them if needed is O.K. To go abroad, meet new people, solve problems are like a toy for them. They are flexible, creative and persistent. Hard work and a burning desire are the reason for their success.


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