Using Instagram to Write Your College Essay

Updated: Mar 16, 2017
Use Instagram differently. How can Instagram help students apply for college and write a college essay?

Using Instagram to Write Your College Essay

Social media is the world's platform for sharing funny memes, pictures, and morsels of your life. The intent of the founders was to bring people together, but these sites have done so much more than that. Instagram was launched back in October 2010 as an app to connect the world through photos. It quickly grew, obtaining more than a million users after only two months. Over the years Instagram has become a popular alternative to Facebook and Twitter and is now one of the top applications used by college students around the world.

Instagram for the College Student

Instagram has become a tool used by college students to meet the rigorous academic requirements of the college. While the app has not traditionally been viewed as more than a place to post snazzy photos, it has expanded its reach to include academics. Students who utilize Instagram can link to instructors and professionals in their fields of choice. Many professors have an Instagram account to share their knowledge with the world, and students can take advantage of this by following the profiles of those in the position to help them succeed.

Provide a backdrop for online assignments. College professors who have a proclivity for the creative will post assignments via Instagram, and students are evaluated along with the remainder of the class. This open-door viewing of other students' assignments can also create a competitive atmosphere for larger classes that don't often have that.

Create a group study page. Instagram can be a good backdrop for sharing information and ideas. By creating a class account, you can keep your group on the same page and also build a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. In the difficult and often anonymous world of college, this kind of involvement can make all the difference.

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Instagram to Sell Products

Influencer marketing is a relatively new concept on Instagram, although users have been advertising their favorite products for years. Large companies know that maintaining an Instagram account under their own brand can be difficult. Providing daily content while marketing the variety of products to an audience that is unpredictable can easily backfire. However, through influencer marketing, these large companies avoid the work required to research the market to maintain their pages, relying instead on consumers that use the products.

The college student advertises her favorite product on a daily basis, whenever they take a picture that includes him using that particular product or creating an image that contains the product in it. The smart college student can use this product placement on other pages to learn about the people they follow, giving them a strategic advantage for future communication. And if you happen to have a product that you enjoy or utilize more than anything else, you can inadvertently market that product to followers whenever you create an image featuring that product. Who knows, maybe one of your followers can make you an "influencer" by trying one of your favorite products.

Using Instagram to Apply for College

High school students who have been on Instagram very long know that the application can help them with homework and other aspects of their education. It follows naturally that students can utilize Instagram to help them get into the college of their choice. Most institutes for higher learning understand the impact of social media and market their schools on Instagram to attract creative and intelligent students from all over the world.

It is easy using an Instagram search to locate the official page of the university you might be interested in. Not only will you find information on the types of majors they offer and the cost of attending, but you will have access to reviews and first-hand accounts of what it would be like to go to that school. The university itself might provide appealing photos of the buildings on campus and students in their classes, but the past and present students can provide you with a glimpse into the lifestyle of students who go to the college. You will see the favorite hangouts on campus, what students do on the weekend, and what kinds of activities are available. This kind of personalized information can mean the difference between enrolling in a university and passing it over.

If you have already applied for a college, here are the main types of essays you'll be assigned to write at college:

Review of Major Essay Types

The Best College Instagram Accounts

Social media sites like Instagram aren't just for users who want to view a Kylie Jenner Instagram page or post creatively perfect pictures of your friends and surroundings. We have seen how important Instagram can be for high school and college students, particularly when it comes to choosing the right college to attend. That means colleges must put a lot of effort into creating an Instagram page that is the proper mix of attractive and informative. A few of the more creative college Instagram college accounts include

Colorado State University 

One of the things that make Colorado State's page so good is the mixture of quirky photos and informative content. Not only do they feature beautiful pictures of their campus and the surrounding area, the school also tackles serious topics like hazing and the quirky side of student life (like images of the school mascot).

West Virginia University 

Most people outside of the Midwest might not know about WVU, but through their own brand of marketing and appealing pictures of the school, millions of people from around the world can learn about the Mountaineers and feel the pride of local students.

University of Nottingham 

A good college Instagram page can make potential students from around the world long to move so that they can attend that school. The University of Nottingham does that with its artistic pictures and an inside look at life for British college students.

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