Why Future Belongs to Programming Languages?

Updated: Mar 16, 2017
Here is a short overview of the most popular programming languages and the differences between them. The information about coding may be useful for beginners. If you need an essay on the similar topic, feel free to contact our professional writers - place an order on our order page.

Why Future Belongs to Programming Languages?

Coding acts as the backbone of a programming writing service, therefore, once you graduate you will be in a position to offer programming language help. As you aspire to offer help with programming it is also important to identify what programming language you need to learn.

What Is a Programming Language?

To start with, it is important to define what programming is all about for you to have a better understanding before we get into the details. Programming simply refers to a special language that computer programmers use to develop scripts, software programs, or other sets of instructions. When deployed, a computer then executes these instructions.

Most Popular Programming Languages

As you venture into the world of programming, you will realize there are several languages to learn and you can choose from a list. However, it is important to note that these languages differ in the number of jobs available in each case. Here is a list of the most popular programming languages for those who wish to offer help with programming in future.


This program tops the list and part of the reason is the many versions it comes in, which means you will most probably interact with it at some point, on a daily basis. Some of the versions you will encounter include database technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. These versions of the SQL program are essential in hospitals, universities, big businesses, banks, small enterprises, among others. Other avenues where this program features include Android phones and iPhones through SQLite in addition to mobile apps that use it directly.

What Is Java Used for?

This program is valued for readability and simplicity and it has been widely adopted the world over because it also ensures that older versions continue to work actively into the future. All native Android apps run on Java and some of the company websites it powers include Amazon.com, LinkedIn.com and Netflix.com. If you are seeking to offer a programming writing service, then this program can come in handy.


This program adds to the user experience by the fact that helps spice up web pages through interaction. That can be through the creation of games with basic functionality, the addition of effects to web pages, and display of pop-up messages. The popularity of JavaScript is backed by the fact that it acts as the main scripting language for World Wide Web and is built into Safari, Internet Explorer and FireFox.

What Are the Differences between Programming Languages?

The differences in programming languages can be identified in the following factors.

Style. Programming languages use different styles. These include:

  • Imperative vs declarative – whether you need to tell the computer all steps to take to solve a problem or whether you only describe what you want it to do and then it figures it out.
  • Static- vs dynamic typing – whether you need to clearly declare what all of your variables are and what they can be used for or whether the language will figure it out for you.

Speed. Generally, some programming languages run faster than others. For example, C is very fast because it is close to the instruction that the computer is running, while others like JavaScript and Python are slower because they are far from what is happening at the machine level.

Ease of writing. High-level languages such as Ruby, Python and JavaScript are easy to write because they have tools to help you write code fast and easily in comparison to lower-level language such as C, C++ which require you to micromanage some aspects.

Best Programming Language to Learn for Beginners

If you are just starting out in the field of programming and you need to offer programming language help in the days to come as an expert, then, there is a starting point. Some of the best programming languages for beginners are:

What is Python? It is popular amongst most universities as an introductory language and is well known for bioinformatics, scientific computing and data analysis in the academic community.

Ruby – this program is developed for both fun and productivity as well and is a wonderful option for beginners as well.

PHP – in the case of this scripting language, it is easy to understand what the PHP code will do, therefore, one can cope up with it easily. As such, PHP is friendly to beginners who will obviously enjoy using it.

Why Study Programming Languages?

a) Ability to learn new languages – programming languages continue to evolve by the day hence, continuous learning will be necessary.

b) A better understanding of the significance of implementation – once you get an understanding of implementation issues, you will know why languages are designed in a particular way.

c) Ability to choose appropriate languages – if you are given a new project, you will be in a better position to ascertain what program will work best, if you have knowledge of several programming languages.

It is evident that programming is running the world in one way or another and taking the time to learn the programming language is worth consideration.


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